Malaria Kit


The Malaria Curative Kit has been designed to diagnose and treat all forms of malaria, including Plasmodium falciparum, the most dangerous form of malaria, which brings about the highest rates of complications and mortality.

Malaria Kit



Packaging - Malaria Kit


Includes a tamper-proof seal to ensure a safe and secure unused product. Contents are categorised into three compartments to support ease of usability.

User Guide - Malaria Kit

Simple User Guide

Redesigned for simplified instructions and an enhanced look and feel. Branding and customisation services are available upon request, to align with your company's brand image.

Digital - Malaria Kit

Digital Elements

We offer easy access to information on malaria, instructional videos, and a kit-expiry tracking service through the MedSupply International website.
View the instruction video here.
View the A, B, C, D of malaria video here.

Hotline - Malaria Kit

24/7 Malaria Kit Hotline

Staffed by a team of tropical disease specialists, the hotline is open to all kit-users seeking guidance on how to use the various kit components.

We are here to create an effective solution to meet your needs.


Our full malaria solution


Bite Protection and Malaria Survival Kit

Bite Protection & Malaria Preventive Kit

Personal protection against mosquito bites is crucial and the first line of defense in the fight against malaria. Our kits are designed to minimize exposure to mosquito bites.

Bite Protection Kit
Contains a skin-applied insect repellent, insecticide treatment for clothing, and an informational pamphlet on how to protect yourself from malaria

Malaria Preventive Kit
Contains the complete Bite Prevention Kit, as well as an insecticide diffuser and tablets, and a long-lasting insecticide-treated bed net (optional)



Chemoprophylaxis compliance - Tetrapal Kit

Chemoprophylaxis Compliance (Tetrapal) Kit

The Tetrapal Kits were developed with the aim to assist companies in increasing levels of compliance with your chemoprophylaxis policies. The kit consists of urinary test strips, test tubes and pipettes. It equips users with the ability to detect anti-malarial molecules in the urine of non-immune individuals assigned to a malaria endemic area.

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