Other Industries

MedSupply International serves as a business capability of the International SOS group of companies.


Through International SOS Medical Supply Services

We serve clients from a variety of markets, including Energy, Mining and Infrastructure and Civil Society. 

  • For every client in our diverse network, we offer a comprehensive set of medical kits and modules developed by medical professionals with more than 30 years of experience and expertise in travel health, remote medical and security assistance. For more information, visit the International SOS website.

Through International SOS Government Services

We serve clients from Governmental, Inter-Governmental and Non-Governmental organisations.

  • We offer to these clients both medical kits and modules as well as standalone medical supplies (vaccines, pharmaceutical, medical consumables etc.) that may be required by these organisations to support their employees or members.

Through International SOS Aviation and Maritime (including MedAire, an International SOS group of companies) 

We offer Aviation and Luxury Yacht clients a range of kits that assist in managing medical emergencies through first responders in the air, land and at sea.


 As part of an integrated solution, these kits come with a convenient refurbishment process which includes:

  • Replacement of expired products
  • Replenishment of stock by replacing used items
  • Implementation of modifications based on new therapies, new regulation or changes in medical trends.

For more information, visit the MedAire website.