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Our medical kits and modules are customised to meet the regulatory and clients' specific requirements of numerous industry verticals, including governmental and non-governmental organisations, remote sites, offshore, aviation, yachting and cruise.


Our Vision & Mission




The International SOS Group of Companies

MedSupply International serves as a business capability of the International SOS group of companies.

International SOS is in the business of saving lives & protecting a total global workforce from health and security threats. Their innovative technology and health and security expertise offers real-time, actionable insights and unparalleled on-the-ground quality services, be it for prevention or in emergencies.International SOS evacuation capabilities and global assignee services are truly unrivalled. They are trusted by 12,000 organisations to fulfil their Duty of Care responsibilities, while empowering workforce resilience, business continuity and sustainability. 10,000 health, security and logistics experts stand-by to provide support & assistance 24/7. 

For more information, visit the International SOS website.



Medshop Australia 

As a leading  provider of medical supplies, Medshop Australia strives to build on its strong foundation, by offering a broad range of medical supplies to home users, medical professionals, allied health professionals and medical students throughout Australia.

For more information, visit the Medshop Australia website.




Founded in 1998, Aerosafety started as a small workshop manufacturing medical kits to the Aviation Industry and today we service more than 75% of the Brazilian market. We offer not only medical kits, but also service inflatable components, hydro test cylinders and refill oxygen cylinders.

For more information, visit the Aerosafety website