commercial maritime medical supplies

Commercial maritime

We have the capability to offer a complete range of medical supplies that meet all major international regulatory standards and flag state requirements.

Cruise medical supplies


Our locations are strategically positioned in key ports throughout the world, making procurement of supplies both convenient and cost-effective.

Other industry medical supplies


We ensure that your employees are equipped with the necessary medical supplies and equipment, in order to navigate unfamiliar and remote location.



Medical Kits

For clients: Medical kits

We offer a wide range of medical kits that meet international
standards, medical best practice qualifications,
and industry-specific regulatory requirements.


For suppliers

We work with suppliers located all across the globe.
We would love to discuss how we can work with you to bring
the best products to our clients.
Reach out to us for opportunities!




Where we are located

We are based in nine locations worldwide.

Where MedSupply International is located

Singapore | Malaysia | Australia | Papua New Guinea | United Kingdom | France
Florida, United States | Arizona, United States | Brazil


Your medical needs are important to us.
We are here to create and deliver an effective solution for you, so that you can focus on your core business.


To get a quote and more information, contact us today.

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